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Used 2008 Cadillac Escalade SUV Stretch For Sale

SUV Stretch for sale: 2008 Cadillac ESCALADE 200"

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2008 Cadillac ESCALADE 200"

SOLD $25,000
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2008 Cadillac Escalade SUV Stretch For Sale

Vehicle was bought only 6 months ago in December and I am the second owner. I used to run a real estate company that had multi million dollar revenues and this was bought for entertainment purposes to simply transport clients from their rental place in our real estate company to downtown and back. Car is hardly used and is the cleanest.

Having had large budget on monthly basis this car was bought for 34k in December and only driven 4k miles extra. ON TOP OF that $8,000 wroth of upgrades and repairs and maintenance to the top tier was added on it since the clients being transported in it were high end and they got their ride as free thus the limo had to be in top tier shape, with the vehicle being owned by the real estate company the budget for it was so high.

This vehicle is one of the cleanest if not the cleanest out here you will find based on the information above and based on the fact it was not used excessively or aggressively as would've been with a standard limousine company.

You are getting a price and a quality unbeatable to find. Compare this with other listings and you will see. The real estate company now after COVID-19 have suffered staggering losses and we are liquidating to focus back on our business of real estate instead of the limos being into it. Specially now since the real estate company budgets is not so high and neither is amount of people coming into our apartments. Take a look at my other ads for the other 2 limos for sale.

Once again, we bought the best of the best back in the end of 2019 because we had high liquidity for it and we did not want to buy cheap limos, we paid a lot for these limos we are selling now, and we put even more above and beyond any one would put into repairs, maintenance upgrades, etc etc. Now you are able to get that deal for a fraction of the price. We are motivated sellers specially for buyers making a quick move as time is of an essence for us more than the price thus price is NOT negotiable but as you can see and compare its mileage and listing price its priced to sell. We are not emotional over selling it at a drastic loss because running limos was never our main business to begin with thus liquidating fast is the key.

ALL three limos available for sale are WEST COAST Vehicles and or Southern. No rust, No damage, No salt. Always been garaged indoors as well. Willing to deliver FREE after viewing and purchasing if needed.

For more pics take a look at Instagram @WESTCAMPUSLIMOS

Call or Text Rufus 714 697 8387

Car is 200 inch stretch total legnth bumper to bumer 33 FT. Comes with spare tire. Just got brand new tires total 2200 and just about everything in it is been upgraded since i bought it. Alternators. Batteries. You name it. Receipts available and mechanical work. Once again, this car was under a real estate company whos budget was in the millions.

Photo of SUV Stretch for sale: 2008 Cadillac ESCALADE 200"
Photo of SUV Stretch for sale: 2008 Cadillac ESCALADE 200"
Photo of SUV Stretch for sale: 2008 Cadillac ESCALADE 200"
Photo of SUV Stretch for sale: 2008 Cadillac ESCALADE 200"
Photo of SUV Stretch for sale: 2008 Cadillac ESCALADE 200"
Photo of SUV Stretch for sale: 2008 Cadillac ESCALADE 200"

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2007 Cadillac Escalade SUV Stretch


This is unicorn. The best of the best. Price and mileage. 2007 Cadillac Escalade only 35,000 Miles


32,845 mi

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